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- Who Are We? -
JavaMusiK promotes music without words
- a universal language with no need for translation.

The JavaMusiK Label markets & distributes a collection of music and merchandise created by composer/arranger/pianist Jeff Van Devender.

Jeff at Estes Park Thursday Night Live
Jeff at Glenwood Springs' Strawberry Days

Since 1998, Van Devender has created and marketed 3 instrumental cd's of original and traditional piano-based music.

Don't Ever Forget
Don't Ever Forget
Bending Chords
Bending Chords

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Updated 11/13/11
Jeff Van Devender and JavaMusiK's new cd Don't Ever Forget
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- Alpine Road Publishing -
Stuff we've published

Alpine Road Publishing
Colorado History Songbook Script:
Speaking parts for the Elementary
Song Cycle

Alpine Road Publishing
Write Your Own Musicals

Alpine Road Publishing
Elementary Choir
Handbook and Guide

-Alpine Road Publishing Recent News:
Jan. 27, 2011 - Jeff presented a special session titled Write Your Own Musicals at the 2011 Colorado Music Educators Association State Clinic/Conference. His session focused on encouraging fellow elementary music educators to consider writing their own musical productions, along with some strategies to assist them in becoming successful at pursuing such a venture. One inclusion at the session featured a reading from our revised & updated Colorado (History Songbook) Program Script, our companion to the hugely popular song cycle, Colorado History Songbook, written by John Polinski.

According to Jeff, "After talking with, and getting permission from John at the CMEA conference a couple years ago, I wrote this script in the interest of embellishing the songs with an informative (and sometimes humorous) narrative. With the song cycle already being so catchy and informative, the natural progression seemed to be to create a dialogue for the students to help guide the audience through the journey." Available in Print Edition or immediate download.

After directing his own choirs for 20 years, Jeff found that his routine was fairly well established. Armed with a truckload of past letters & forms, as well as tested strategies, Jeff decided to compile the ideas for the creation of Elementary Choir Handbook and Guide, an instructional book for new choir directors &/or directors looking for new ideas. The footwork has been done. The strategies have been tested. This guide was recently added to the Alpine Road inventory and will soon be available at as well as brick & morter stores by Spring 2011.

Other scripts and similar writings, along with transcriptions to a couple of Jeff's piano compositions, are available for preview and purchase at the official Alpine Road Publishing marketplace outlet. Alpine Road Publishing is the sole official publishing subsidiary of JavaMusiK. *All works protected by Standard Copyright License.

- New Video Posted -

We have our own Video Channel on YouTube and invite you to go see it.
We're working to eventually get more new videos made soon. Stay tuned.

-More Information:
PDF JavaMusiK Press Kit/Bio
Professional Bio of Jeff Van Devender
JavaMusiK Performance Bio The JavaMusiK point whatsoever

-Don't Ever Forget at iTunes & CDBaby:
The 3rd official JavaMusiK cd 'Don't Ever Forget' is now available along with the entire official JavaMusiK catalogue of music for download on iTunes.

You can order a physical copy through CDBaby or by calling
1-800-BUY-MY-CD (1-800-289-6923).

iTunes: Jeffrey van D, JavaMusiK, Don't Ever Forget
.......CDBaby:JavaMusiK's Don't Ever Forget at CDBaby .......Amazon: JavaMusiK's Don't Ever Forget at Amazon

- Hear JavaMusiK! -

Music from The JavaMusiK Label is available for all your Royalty Free licensing needs through our association with: ProductionTrax,, and AudioSparx .
Please consider our music for your next production project.

- Need Live Music for an Event? -
JMK Events Music
(Click & read the news release featuring this subsidiary.) Van Devender frequently plays for wedding ceremonies, art shows, banquets, funerals, business parties, etc...

Do you have an upcoming event, party or ceremony planned which needs music?
Visit our Contact page to inquire.

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