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Altitude Adventure

Altitude Adventure is a piece of music which draws it's inspiration from elements of enlightenment discovered in the summer of 1983. During that summer, the composer spent a great deal of time in the alpine environment - the mountains around Estes Park, Colorado. After early attempts to put words to this piece, it was quickly decided that his music alone could convey more than any lyrics could possibly offer. Never being real comfortable with the sound of his solo voice made the decision all the easier for Jeffrey van D. Let the fingers carry the melodic line.

Story Behind the Song:

The music for Altitude Adventure came together during the summer of 1983. Essentially, this is the second piece of music ever written by Jeff. At the time, he was working in an auditorium in Estes Park, CO which had a beautiful 9 foot Baldwin concert grand piano. Many late summer evenings were spent at that piano just playing after work. Eventually, toward the end of the summer, everything just sort of came together one night at the piano. By the time he got up from the piano 2 hours later, Altitude Adventure (as yet unnamed) was created - sounding much the same as it does now.

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