Between The Notes:

Ascend - Recorded: 1998


This is a new feature, where we will gradually add dialogue
examining the thought & inspiration 'between the notes' of songs on


This page looks inside:


"Officially, the first song I ever wrote," exclaims Van Devender. "After a considerable amount of time studying the compositional techniques of J.S. Bach in Freshman Theory, our professor challenged us with a contest. Who could write the best composition within the confines of the rules according to J.S. Bach?"

Awakenings turned out to be the final result. It failed to bring home the gold from this contest, but it did later provide a backdrop to the processional for Jeff's bride, Amy, to walk down the aisle to in their wedding. The general framework of the song remains untouched from that fateful day and earlier humble beginning. However, a bridge was added in the midsection which is often expanded even more when played live.

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