Between The Notes:

Bending Chords - Recorded: 2002


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Bending Chords.

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Route 451

A piano-based jam takes flight with a soaring electric guitar solo to feast your senses on. Route 451 takes you on an open road journey through a timeless melodic wave with a very familiar feel.

Story Behind the Song
The last piece recorded for Bending Chords, Route 451 is a song which had no real defined structure when we started. We still needed one more piece to round out the cd. I knew I had this basic four chord jam which had begun to work it's way in to my repertoire, but could we make it into an actual song? We laid down a basic piano track and then went back to work on some of the other pieces. Eventually, orchestration worked it's way into the piece, and we stretched it out from it's original 92 seconds initially laid down, to its current length of 3.5 minutes. It became the piece which, above all others, would play over & over in my mind outside of the studio. The evolution which took place on Route 451 was truly exciting!

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