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Bending Chords - Recorded: 2002


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Bending Chords.

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Described as an uptempo piano-driven instrumental w/ rock instrumentation featuring John Malvey on lead guitar, bass, & drum/percussion.

Story Behind the Song

Soon after the debut release 'Ascend' by Jeffrey van D was sent off for pressing, Synyrgyze! erupted into existence.

"It came about in one sitting," Van Devender explains. "At the time, I was rather disappointed that it didn't 'arrive' in time to make it on 'Ascend.' But now, hearing the final result on 'Bending Chords,' it was definitely worth waiting for!"

Synyrgyze! was the song which really defined the mood/standard for "Bending Chords." It is really the first uptempo production to come from JavaMusiK. Give it a listen!

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