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Jeffrey van D a.k.a. Jeff Van Devender

. . . a musical biography.

Press and Play:

Click the following link for a PDF Copy of Van Devender's bio:
Van Devender's PDF Press Kit.

In addition to playing piano every Sunday morning
St. John's Episcopal Church in New Castle, Colorado,
Jeff Van Devender is also the organist/pianist
First United Methodist Church
in Glenwood Springs, Colorado
where he also accompanies a church choir
which performs every week.

His Music Defined:

"His piano melodies have been described as a blending of classical, jazz and rock influences with a touch of soul. Listen as you are transported to another time and place." Scott Jeffries

Van Devender's music is sometimes best described as 'Jim Brickman introduces George Winston to Elton John.' His solo performances often take an improvisational journey sending the listener through a timeless wave of inspired spontaneous melody never before heard. It is these moments of spontaneous inspiration that have delighted audiences as they witness his music's continuous evolution.

A Mission Statement (of sorts):

The JavaMusiK Label has seen Jeff's music reach many corners of the globe. We continue to seek new avenues to channel our music without words, with no need for translation. The continued goal of crossing and removing borders with music serves as a reminder that we are all of the same species. The potential of music to transcend and communicate beyond the obvious verbal messages is a wonderful and powerful tool. Unfortunately, most people are only capable of even remotely understanding what comes through their ears in a verbal format and whatever they think they see with their eyes. Our goal is to stretch consciousness somewhat by leaving the words out of the message.

Live JavaShows!
The last few years have seen Jeff seeking new venues throughout the Midwest and Colorado to showcase his music. Occasionally, something new comes along that turns out to be very special. It might turn out to be a recurring gig. Or, it may just be a one-off session. We consider each performance to be a blessing and opportunity to share what we're about. The following are some highlights that have crossed Jeff's path through the years: 2010: Jeff was added to the roster of performers being featured in the Estes Park, CO Thursday Night Live Series, hosted by Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park.

2003 - 04 saw Van Devender as a featured performer at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, St. Regis, Aspen in Aspen, Colorado and Exclamation Point Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Van Devender has been a featured performer at YMCA Of The Rockies in Estes Park, CO and Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, CO for 10 years running. These conference centers frequently bring a diverse audience from all over the globe to Van Devender's music. Recently, Jeff has become a regular in their Christian Artist Series, as well as the Summerfest Series.

He often plays for weddings and other ceremonies at First United Methodist Church in Glenwood Springs, CO and Snowmass Chapel in Snowmass, CO where he recently had the privelege of playing for a very special Christmas service along with Jimmy Ibbotson of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. This service was attended by Barbara Mandrell & her family.

During the summer of 2001, Van Devender found himself learning a whole different genre of music. Country recording artist Peter Britt invited Van Devender to join his rehearsals. By the end of the summer however, a different direction was in store for Van Devender's musical journey, as he was beginning a new school year at a new school district. It has always been clear that a touring schedule would not fit in well with a teaching schedule at an elementary school.

Another niche Van Devender's music has worked it's way into is Art Shows. The Roaring Fork Valley seems to be full of them, and for that Jeffrey van D is grateful! He has played for many over the last few years.

Here are several that stand out:
Cultural Arts Council Colorado Christmas - Estes Park, CO
Quilters of the Rockies Show - Aspen, CO
CCAH Valley Visual Arts Show - Carbondale, CO
Roaring Fork Valley Culinary Arts Festival - Glenwood Springs, CO
Bookcliffs Council on Arts and Humanities Art Festival - Rifle, CO


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